Vremac Cylinders

Vremac Cylinders

At Vremac Cylinders we have been involved in the engineering and production of cylinders, accumulators and swivels from the moment our company was founded over 60 years ago. Alongside our standard range cylinders we supply custom-built cylinders. Over the course of the past 20 years Vremac has steadily shifted its focus more towards the production of custom-built hydraulic cylinders. We specialise in bores of up to 1000 mm, piston rods up to 700 mm and cylinders with a longer stroke, up to 15,000 mm.

Vremac Cylinders understands your requirements and has the ability to provide suitable solutions. Our engineers provide proven solutions for the technological requirements of your projects. Our job is to make your hydraulic movements possible.

Vremac Cylinders is one of the market leaders in the field of cylinders and can provide:

  • High end piston rod finishing
  • Adjustable end cushioning
  • Accumulators and swivel joints
  • Positioning measurement systems

We are fully certified and have a solid track record and reputation when it comes to expertise, quality, high standards and service. Our clients can rely on our short lead times, because all manufacturing can be done in-house. We make use of dedicated metal cutting and robotic welding machines for our operations.

Vremac Cylinders is the perfect partner for all your hydraulic cylinders, piston accumulators, swivels and heave compensators.

…Understanding your specific requirements…

Research & Development

At Vremac Cylinders we are continuously investing in research and development. Over 75% of the cylinders we manufacture, are (partly) new engineered products. We are proud to say that we always offer a solution that meets the requirements of our client. Our reliable designs are based upon and backed by research.

One of our important values at Vremac Cylinders is co-creatorship. From the start of a new project, our engineers are in close contact with our client’s engineers. Together, we work toward the development of the best solution. After delivery of the product, we remain in close contact with our clients to monitor the performance and provide maintenance and repair services.

Manufacturing and QA

Vydraulics guarantees high-quality products and ISO 9001 standard. With our extended knowledge of the process and a well-equipped production facility, every step of producing a cylinder can be done in-house. To remain flexible we also have surrounded ourselves with a reliable network of certified suppliers.

We understand the complexity of manufacturing a high quality product. Assembling a cylinder, but also an accumulator or a swivel joint is an accurate job. Dealing with limited tolerance and heavy components demands craftsmanship. Our production employees are well-skilled and extremely motivated to deliver a high quality product.

All cylinders are tested to the design and test pressure. Simultaneous to the test, the final inspection and measurement check of a cylinder takes place. Clients are welcome at our production facility to witness the test program and final inspection.

Service & Repair

Repairing hydraulic cylinders involves more than replacing the broken parts. With over 60 years of experience we have sound hydraulic knowledge and extensive experience with cylinders in all kind of applications. We offer preventive maintenance, renovation, spare part management and repair onsite or in our workshop.