Piston accumulators for all applications

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Reliable cylinders for extreme situations

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High quality cylinders

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Standardised heave compensation systems

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Boosting your
motion & control

Vremac Cylinders is a modern designer and manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, swivels and piston accumulators. Our products are designed to operate in harsh conditions such as the dredging, offshore, infra (bridges and lock gates) and heavy industry.

Vremac products

At Vremac Cylinders we have been involved in the engineering and production of cylindersaccumulators, heave compensation systems and swivels from the moment our company was founded over 60 years ago. Alongside our standard range products we supply custom-built products and systems.

Our engineers provide proven solutions for the technological requirements of your projects. Our job is to make your hydraulic movements possible.

Manufacturing and QA

We guarantee high-quality products. With our extended knowledge of the process and a well-equipped production facility, every step of producing a cylinder can be done in-house. The whole production process is done under an ISO 9001 standard for the entire Vydraulics Group.
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Research & Development

At Vremac Cylinders we are continuously investing in research and development. Over 75% of the cylinders we manufacture, are (partly) new engineered products. Our reliable designs are based upon and backed by research.

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